Life Changing Books


These children experienced an immense and incredible outpouring of the Holy Spirit—so great that they literally “experienced Heaven” through visions, were aware of the presence of angels, and were able to describe in great detail what they saw. The result of these experiences of God was fervent passion for worship, the Word of God, and prayer.


This is an amazing book about The Anointing by R.T. Kendall. If God has touched you with His Glory, and the people around don’t understand, you are not alone. This book will show that you are not strange and that the anointing of the Lord is real, tangible and awesome… many will not understand but you will.


A thorough and positive, exciting book about the promise of the Father that will bring you into the Kingdom with power. It is God’s idea and will that everyone gets baptized and continually filled with His Holy Spirit. Why wouldn’t you want His promise?