The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

October 22nd, 2007

dove_flying.jpgIf God should one day come to us and inform us that He is taking us home, to Heaven, what would that mean for us? We may gather our family and friends together to say our last good-byes and to say to everyone ” I love you!”. Well, God had it all planned for His Son Jesus as well. Jesus was now being called home by His Father God. After being on the earth for 33 years, crucified and entombed for 3 days, rose again, and spent 40 days with His disciples teaching them all about the Kingdom of Heaven. The final minutes before He was to ascend to Heaven He speaks to His disciples one more time. According to Acts 1, He has one message to tell them. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords… you would think His last words on earth would be very important. He is not coming back to do the 12 disciple thing again. He is not coming back to be crucified again. This is it. The grand finale on earth. I am sure that His last words would be the most important! He speaks with a command to not leave Jerusalem until they receive the Promise of the Father. That they would be baptized with fire, baptized with the Holy Spirit. Just as in Acts, the wonder of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is still available today to all who ask. If it were not important to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues, it surely would not have been Jesus’ final words. How can we not receive the Promise when it is from Him. You will be able to access the Kingdom of Heaven in such a way you have never known before. It is real, and Jesus wants you to receive today! We have seen many children and adults receive this wonderful Promise in the past 2 years. Just in the last 2 weeks we have seen 3 children and 2 adults receive their Baptism so easily and with such joy. We have seen the Lord baptize people without anyone even praying for them or laying hands on them! If there is such a time that we need the Holy Spirit Baptism, it is now… for us, for our children, even grandparents as we saw in British Columbia! We will be doing an in depth teaching of the Baptism soon … called “What They Didn’t Want You to Know”, watch for the announcement and time.

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