Dawn’s Testimony

May 23rd, 2007

We were invited to minister to the children at this Lutheran Renewal Canada Conference called “Awakening 2007” in Camrose, Alberta. We had a wonderful time and we have videos posted of what God did for the children there (check out the Pictures page). On the last evening of the Conference Saturday night, the following testimony occurred as Holy Spirit came to this sister, Dawn so beautifully and powerfully. The meeting had just finished and the guest speaker Brad Jersak had just given a wonderful message regarding communion. We were all about to leave as we exited the pews when a sister named Clarisse came up to me and asked if I could pray for her because she was ‘stuck’ as she put it. She was stuck in life and didn’t know what God wanted with her life. She appeared quite frustrated as she asked for prayer and had a look of like ” if God doesn’t touch my life soon” kind of look. I said to her that I don’t know what the problem is but the Holy Spirit knows everything. As I took her by the hands, the Lord began to touch her and she felt like fire and had to remove a jacket and sweater due to the heat and then her legs felt like they were on fire. I asked her to raise her hands and then blew on her and she went backwards and down straight as a board with eyes so wide open. She began to quiver under the presence of the Lord and lay there shaking. I felt to pray the Lord keep her down (until He was done working with her) by asking the Lord to ‘glue’ her down as we have seen in previous ministry occasions. She tried to lift up her torso to get up but sure enough she was glued down. Then she began to weep as the love of God poured all over her. She went silent after many minutes and then with an explosive burst, she began speaking in the heavenly language of tongues as the Holy Spirit gave her utterance, (Acts 2). After a time, she was completely at peace and rest as she continue to be ministered to by the Lord. During that time, her friend Dawn had been sitting beside her on the floor. I asked who she was and then asked if I could pray for her also. Her testimony describes in her own words the events that followed…

A friend of mine was at an “Awakenings” conference. She called me from there on Saturday afternoon saying: You should come, I know you’ll be blessed.” So, before I knew it, I was on my way. It was one of those inexplicable draggings, slightly un-coerced. I hadn’t really thought about it; I just knew I didn’t want to spend another Saturday night alone.

When I got in my vehicle, the gas gauge was at less than 1/8. I prayed: “Lord, if you need me there, I need you to get me there.” The gauge stayed at 1/8 the entire 50 km! The music was good- uplifting and spirit filled. The message was good. I left with a few profound tidbits of scripture which helped me see my latest trial from a slightly different perspective. Communion was quiet and meaningful. All in all, it was a good night. It was on our way out that the night took an exciting turn…

My friend stopped to talk with Mr. Ark Yee. Next thing I know, she’s laying on the floor in the aisle having a very personal experience with the lord, himself. She could see Him and hear Him. She cried from deep within: it was a very cleansing wail. Then she said God was transforming her! Right there on the floor- can you imagine! It was all a little scary for me, at first. I had never witnessed anything like it before, but I quickly knew that I wanted that too. So, I expressed, to Ark, my desire to meet my God.

Before I knew it I, too, became so limp I could not remain circumspect. I lay on the floor waiting to see, hear and touch my maker. I was, mysteriously unafraid, feeling neither nervous nor anxious about anything. It was easily the weirdest (outside the scope of ‘normal’ range), and simultaneously peaceful experience of my existence. It took a few minutes for me to sense anything. We don’t get this sixth sense until our souls reach heaven, so I suppose it didn’t register on my emotional radar. Then, suddenly, I began to wail those spring cleaning type tears. They were the kinds that are accompanied by spring fresh feelings of renewed hope, joy and vitality.

My legs were convulsing, as I lay weak, and at the mercy of my God. I was truly at His feet. My legs felt as though they were short circuiting. I didn’t know why, but I didn’t need to. “Have your way in me, Lord” was the cry of my heart. I was absolutely restrained against my own will, by Gods’ will. Does that sound panicky to you? Oddly enough, it was heavenly to know that I would be there until the Lord had cleansed me thoroughly. I knew I could not have been in better hands.

After what was a long while, only on the clock, I began coughing. It felt like only a few minutes that I laid there listening to Mrs. Yee sing and pray in tongues over me. She cradled me into herself as if I were her own newborn baby. When I began coughing, I didn’t feel like I needed to cough. My mind certainly didn’t tell my stomach I was going to cough. It brought up so much phlegm. When I tried to stop, I realized that I was the Lords’ very own string puppet. What an honor. I’d get a short rest, and then the coughing would begin again. My stomach muscles convulsed until everything was cleaned out. I don’t know how much longer than an hour I laid there coughing in a fit. All the while I was at complete peace with the people milling about waiting to see what the lord was doing in me. Everyone else was peaceful. I could feel it, even though my eyes were closed for the most part. They had seen this before. Finally, the coughing fit was over. I knew, beyond any shadow of a doubt that God had set me free of Asthma! That is what all the coughing was about. I sat up and praised God for taking the Asthma out of me. My lungs were physically clear and for the first time in months, I could draw in a breath big enough to open my lungs completely and make my rib cage expand. It no longer hurt to breath. What an amazing feeling!

I began singing from the mountain top (well, the floor actually), when Ark blew His life into me again. Down I went, but I didn’t feel myself hit the floor. I felt my tongue being lifted away from my throat. My neck and throat were lifted, as if by a string. I honestly did not arch my back and neck- the Lord did. I know this sounds weird. It is by the worlds’ standards, but not by Gods’. An awful gurgling noise came out as my esophagus began reacting spasmodically. Usually when your body is about to move, you are somewhat aware of it, even subconsciously. I did not even realize how contorted my body was. I was powerless to fight it. I didn’t want to fight it. Ark was right there asking: “What’s going on?” I began weeping: “It won’t let go- it won’t come out!” Ark questioned: “What won’t come out?” “I don’t know,” I cried out in confusion. In Jesus’ name, tell me right now what it is” commanded Ark. Then the gurgling resumed, and a little tiny voice said “shame.” “What?” asked Ark. “SHAME!” it screamed. Ark commanded it to leave, in the name of Jesus Christ, and it did, immediately! It had to go. It had been found out. Ark used his God –given authority over the spirit of shame. By Gods’ power it was cast out of me instantly. I AM FREE OF SHAME! I AM FREE OF ASTHMA! FOREVER! There is no shame in the Lord, Ark reminded me. I had just undergone a major surgery.

Now I could rest. Rest in the Lord. I lay quietly waiting. Serenity enveloped me, like the fog around a mountain. Feeling as calm as I had ever felt, I heard a new language spurting out of my mouth. My lips became full, and started moving. My tongue was busy making noises I could vaguely recollect from my early childhood. In those years when I would talk to God, my Father, like He was visibly there playing beside me. It started as a whisper, barely audible. In a moment I was shouting in tongues at the top of my lungs. What a sight it must have been.

Eventually, the mourning turned into Joy! I was doubled over in unstoppable knee slapping laughter. Those around me joined in. This was the deep, contagious belly laughter I had been asking the Lord to restore to me. It had been lost 10 years earlier, after I had seen my second baby off to rock with Jesus, on his knee forevermore. This laughter had been imprisoned in my sorrow and grief for so long.

I could feel the joy of the Lord bubbling up and spilling over. It came right out of my eyes, at the same time lifting the corners of my mouth. That intimate experience with My God renewed my faith, uplifted my spirits, and reawakened my optimism. He spoke to me of how important I am to Him. My Abba Daddy in heaven loves and values me more than I can know. It reminded me that he knit me together in my mothers’ womb, and that he knew me before then. Thank you Ark, for being a minister to me, and a servant to The Almighty!

Thank you God! I love you more than I ever imagined I could! You are holy, amazing, faithful, all- knowing and true. You know me so well.

…Wasn’t that just an awesome testimony of our Wonderful Father in Heaven? He longs for His people to be free and to be. Be blessed today! He can do the same for you!

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